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Idiot Farm
and you're the livestock
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17th-Apr-2006 01:49 am(no subject)
Crossposted from my own journal:

So today at work, a little two year old kept running around the kid's section. The third time I saw him running, I called out, "Please don't run!" The father, who was following about ten feet behind, turned and snapped, "Chill out!" I was completely shocked and just kept my mouth shut and dropped the subject. He came back a minute later and asked my name. I gave it. "Well, Jessica, you have a real attitude problem and you shouldn't be working in the kid's section. You had no reason to tell him to stop running." To this I say, "Well, I don't like to see kids falling and hitting their heads on bookshelves." He said, "You should let the parents deal with that!" Up until now I had tried to keep my temper, but to that I quipped, "I wish they would!" He huffed off and I fully expected [and hoped] that he would talk to my manager, but alas, the asshole just left. I told my manager what had happened and he just shook his head and we both wished ill things on the guy.
8th-Feb-2006 06:25 pm(no subject)
So I work at Barnes & Noble, right? And high schoolers are constantly coming in asking for the Sparknotes to some book or the No-Fear-Shakespeare for something else. And I'll take them to the section and realize that we're sold out of that particular title. I won't even get into my rant about the morons who use Sparknotes/No-Fear-Shakespeare, fucking -I- didn't get an easy way out in high school, damnit. But anyway, once I tell them that we don't have it and offer to see if another BN around here does, they get all huffy and say they'll just go to Border's instead. Although I find this insufferably rude [Hey pal, it's not my fault that you waited until the night before it's due], I will politely inform them that Sparknotes and No-Fear-Shakespeare is owned by Barnes & Noble. At this point, I haven't yet labelled them as a full idiot because hey, it's not exactly common knowledge that we publish those. What takes it over the edge is when they look at me and respond, "So?" SO, YOU IDIOT, WE DON'T DISTRIBUTE TO OUR COMPETITORS!
21st-Jan-2006 10:53 pm - Two and a half rants...
this may be
I have two friends on my friends list who are are also friends with each other. One is a hardcore Catholic, and the other, a self proclaimed atheiest. Despite the fact that these two people are relatively close, they bitch and moan everyday in LiveJournal about their views on religion. They write long, drawn out posts, and disable the comments. The two have been battling back and forth for days now, taking up many people's friends page. Now, I'm a firm believer in if you don't like it, keep scrollin'. But good God, this is the third day I've had to hear about how "science is bullshit" and "religion is just an unproven theory."
One, if you're going to argue, at least do it over AIM. Two, does it really matter? The two have very different views, and both need to learn to be open minded about it. Stop raping my friends page!!!

My half of a rant is just something that is stated simply.
People who bitch about something they paid $400 and willingly signed up for (freshmen in marching band and winter drumline).

<font size="-2>Not a very good rant, but something that's been bugging me lately.</font>
21st-Jan-2006 03:57 am - First rant, I'm special
What the fuck goes through people's heads when they walk their child to the kid's section of a bookstore and tell them, "Wait here, I'll be downstairs." Honestly, I'd like to know why a person would even consider leaving their 4-6 year old ALONE in a store. This is the children's section, but that does not make the employee a goddamned babysitter. Would you leave your kid in the fiction section? In fact, you'd probably be better off leaving them in the fiction section because kidnappers? Probably lie in wait in the kid's section just hoping that some idiot will leave their kid alone in there. And they wouldn't have to wait long. I hope your kid gets kidnapped, idiot, maybe then you'll think twice about abandoning them in a bookstore.
20th-Jan-2006 11:22 pm - Announcement:
For those of you who have already applied, congratulations. You're in. We need members to get things started, and if you show that much initiative, I think you deserve a chance. The first 10 people to apply (counting you guys) are automatically accepted. After that, we begin voting. But there's a catch. After we hit twenty members, I'll take nominations and come up with something nifty for us to do to eliminate members, if we want to. (Of course, I won't play, 'cause I could do that anyway.) Here's what I'm thinking: We have some sort of contest, and before the objective is announced, everybody comments to one post saying who they'd kick out if they were given a chance. Then the challenge is presented, and the winner gets to "reject," if you will, a member of the community. Sound good? That way there would be lots of good, healthy competition and such.

I think this is a good point to mention that I'll be adding a new rule to the info page rather soon, so keep watching that for updates. (Some of you fuckers haven't read all the way through it anyway. I know these things.)

So. For right now, everybody needs to promote their little asses off. For clarification purposes, everybody who has applied up to now is accepted. Get to work, boys and girls!

P.S.: Making banners, accepted/rejected stamps, and beaucoup promotion probably won't hurt your standing with me ;)
20th-Jan-2006 05:17 pm - Applicant n00b.
this may be
What the application.Collapse )
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